Wonder Woman 2 - sequel details revealed

Ryan Reynolds congratulates Wonder Woman on Instagram

Ryan Reynolds congratulates Wonder Woman on Instagram

Though Jenkins isn't yet confirmed to direct the Wonder Woman sequel, she is now in talks for the film and it seems very likely that she will return.

But it sounds like DC is sticking to what worked the first time: a period piece.

What's more interesting is that Screen Rant says that Chris Pine will be returning as Steve Trevor.

According to a report by Box Office Mojo, "Deadpool" grossed just over $363 million (about AU$474) in the domestic box office in the US. Diana will face off against the Soviet Union and the sequel will be more of a spy thriller akin to the out-and-out action fest the first film was. "Congrats #WonderWoman", the account captioned the tweet, which also tagged the film's director, Patty Jenkins. And while the story will allegedly feature the USSR in an antagonistic capacity, there's no word on whether other villains from Wonder Woman's published history will appear as well.

Wonder Woman 2 can't come soon enough, but at least details of its plot can.

Which movie do you think sequel will dominate the box office? The 40-year-old took to social media to congratulate Gal Gadot and the whole team for Wonder Woman's success. How should Steve Trevor return?

Viewers may recall that Steve Trevor sacrificed his life in "Wonder Woman" to save the world.

Or so claim the latest reports about Wonder Woman 2. "Patty and I are writing the treatment right now, ' DC Films" Geoff Johns told Variety.

Basing on the last scenes of "Wonder Woman", fans have yet to know if or how the captain has escaped his death. Wonder Woman 2 will be released after Justice League hits theaters in November, but presumably won't deal with the aftermath of the events in the anticipated team-up film like Aquaman is set to do. This is what I spend most of my time thinking about, people.

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