Protesters interrupt Woody Allen's jazz concert in Germany

Topless Feminist Activists Disrupt Woody Allen Jazz Concert in Germany (Video)

Topless feminists interrupted a Woody Allen jazz concert in Germany

The radical feminist group Femen claimed credit for the protest on its Facebook page.

Last night (July 11), Allen performed at the Hamburg philharmonic with his New Orleans jazz band.

Though Woody Allen still gets steady work in the film industry, the writer and director will forever be followed by allegations that he sexually abused his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow when she was seven years old.

Members of the worldwide women's group FEMEN ran onstage while Allen was playing clarinet with his New Orleans jazz ensemble at the Elbe Philharmonic on Tuesday night - and the group posted photos and videos of the incident on its Facebook page.

A topless activist protesting Woody Allen's sexual abuse allegations disrupted his concert in Hamburg.


"If a perpetrator is a much-celebrated so-called artist genius, then the supposed social value of his creativity has more weight in society than the statements of women who are only women and daughters in his possession", the blog post continues.

A spokesman for the venue contacted by AFP confirmed the disruption but declined to comment further.

Her brother Ronan and their mother, actress-activist Mia Farrow, have said they opted not to press charges in the 1990s due to Dylan's "fragility" at the time and prosecutors decided not to pursue the matter.

Allen remained calm and seated on stage throughout the ordeal, and continued playing his instrument as soon as the women left the stage.

The New York filmmaker was confronted with the issue again past year at the Cannes film festival, where his movie "Cafe Society" opened the glitzy event.

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