Oculus Rift VR and Touch Drops in Price by 33% to $399

Oculus drops the Rift and Touch down to US $399

Oculus Rift price sliced to $399, making it console-price for the rest of us

If you've been on the fence about getting a high-end virtual reality headset, Oculus has an aggressive promotion created to get you on board. The "Rift + Touch Bundle" will be available there for £400. The current price slash brings Oculus Rift's cost closer to Sony PlayStation VR and away from HTC Vive which is being sold for $799. The company added that "this $399 price drop won't last, so act now and start enjoying the Summer of Rift".

For a limited time, Oculus has significantly discounted the list price on its Rift + Touch bundle, which packs the headset and two Touch controllers together. Rubin, however, did not share sales numbers to suggest if the VR headset is gaining popularity. That's not an ideal situation to get Oculus on the right footing.

Oculus, the VR-firm owned by social media giant Facebook, is cutting the price of its VR headset for the second time this year.

Facebook's almost $2 billion acquisition of Oculus three years ago was a flier on virtual reality's potential.

For comparison, video game consoles usually take an average of three to four years to drop to 50 percent of their original asking price, though many counterexamples can be found on either side of that mean.

"It's easy for the blogosphere to say 'you should've sold a million units in your first three weeks, ' but if we had sold a million units of hardware in our first three weeks, there would've been 30 titles", Rubin said. One of the key reasons so many were turned away was pricing, the headset itself came in at £500 at launch, which was worsened by the £199 Touch controllers.

So this may just be the summer during which more people than ever get into the VR game. But they still want to aim higher.

The price drop also goes a long way toward dramatically reducing the overall price of VR set-ups when you factor in the additional price of buying a VR-ready PC, which is necessary when using the Rift.

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