Nevada businesses running out of marijuana, 'statement of emergency' declared

Nevada Regulators Will Consider Emergency Pot Distribution Rules

Nevada Governor Endorses Emergency Measures to Fix State's Cannabis Shortage

Legalized recreational marijuana is a hit in Nevada, so much so that the state's pot stores are nearly out of supply after just 10 days.

On Friday, the Nevada Department of Taxation revealed Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed a "state of emergency" approving "emergency regulations" to combat the shortage of legal marijuana available in the state due to distribution problems.

"Everything we know shows that millennials are very pro-marijuana, and that's the new marketing push", Nevada state Sen.

Stephanie Klapstein, a spokeswoman for the Department of Taxation, told the Reno Gazette-Journal that a collapsed marijuana market would have far-reaching consequences. Klapstein warned that the lack of supply could lead to job losses at the dispensaries and lost money for the state's schools, which benefit from a 15% tax on marijuana cultivation.

When Nevada voters approved commercial sales of weed to adults over 21 in a November ballot measure, the joke was that buffets would soon be emptied.

Nevada is the only state with legalized marijuana that has such an arrangement.

The department tried to address the issue earlier this year by opening the application process up to the businesses that have been transporting medical marijuana and other marijuana businesses, but an 11th hour court battle ended in an order only to accept applications from wholesale alcohol distributors. Despite this, some dispensaries won't be getting shipments of marijuana for a while.

Also playing into the weed shortage is the fight between the state and Nevada's powerful liquor industry that sued the state to get a cut of the marijuana business.

The issue seems to be a bureaucratic one, mostly stemming from rules that the state of Nevada initially imposed on legal marijuana sales.

Segerblom - who has been a proponent of legalizing recreational marijuana, and even has a strain named after him - said if the Department of Taxation votes in favor of expanding the license eligibility, the cannabis conundrum will be immediately rectified. "People are there when we open [at 10 a.m.] and they're there when we close [at midnight]", one owner of a dispensary said.

"The initial weekend of legal operation of marijuana establishments resulted in well over 40,000 retail transactions and some establishments report sales of more than double their estimates".

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