Alberto El Patron investigated for domestic violence incident

Paige and Alberto Del Rio in Orland before the incident

INSTAGRAM 'BUST-UP: Witnesses have reported Del Rio arguing with a woman

More information continues to leak out about the altercation involving Alberto El Patron at an Orlando airport on Sunday.

There was a recent incident at an Orlando airport where police were called and a domestic abuse investigation was opened up surrounding it.

While Paige claimed that she and Patron called the police on the woman after she threw a drink on him, the witness claims that "none of that happened", adding that Paige screamed, "You're so abusive to me" to Patron during their argument.

The person who recorded it, who is a fan of El Patron, stated that she recorded the audio as "evidence" should it be necessary. Alberto's fiancee, and current WWE Superstar, Paige took to Twitter nearly immediately after the story broke to let everyone know that she was not the one involved, it was a female bystander who was trying to take a picture. According to Paige, she had just found out some bad news regarding her family and was upset when the woman tried to take a picture and things escalated from there.

However, the gossip website insists law enforcement didn't mention a third party and admitted they were investigating the situation as a possible domestic violence issue.

Paige and Alberto Del Rio at home
INSTAGRAM UPS AND DOWNS Paige and Del Rio have had a rocky relationship

'Let's do it, Let's do it. Let's get the cops, ' Del Rio says at the start at the recording.

The woman, who lives in the Tampa area, was dropping her mother-in-law off at the airport when she saw Paige outside of a restaurant close to the entrance of a terminal. "Leave me the f-- alone". "It gets me the fuck away from you!"

He reiterates some time later, "I'm pressing charges against you".

The audio clip that revealed a female companion - believed to be Paige - screaming at Alberto and asking him to leave her alone was released by TMZ just hours after her response on Twitter.

El Patron and Paige appear to be arguing with El Patron saying something about "calling the cops..."

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