IPhone 8 May Not Have Wireless Charging on Release Day

The power button is generally the first button that a user touches to wake the device. By embedding the Touch ID in it unlocking the device will be faster and easier

IPhone 8 May Not Have Wireless Charging on Release Day

One of the new rumored features for Apple's iPhone 8 is wireless charging and now according to a recent report, Apple will sell the wireless charging accessory separately and it may not be available at launch of the handset. Hence, the use of the word "might" in the tweet means that there is no confirmation on the matter and that Apple's iPhone could still ship with everything needed to take advantage of wireless charging feature.

Wireless charger being sold separately is no shocker.

That shoots down speculation that Apple is using Near Field technology for charging.

By directing a "beam" of energy over such frequencies, for example those used by Wi-Fi connections, a strong and stable signal could extend the range of existing wireless charging capabilities. It's now being suggested that the required accessory will not ship at the same time as the new iPhone range.

While many of its top competitors have been offering wireless charging for years, Apple's been slow to make the move.

iPhone 8 rumours are all over the smartphone industry since late 2016 and are expected to go on until the device comes out in October.

If upcoming smartphones from Apple do support inductive charging tech from Qi it can also be assumed that the device can also be charged by other wireless chargers available in markets across the globe.

The new rumor comes days after an analyst suggested that Apple could abandon its Touch ID fingerprint recognition system entirely in favour of a new facial recognition system. The RF approach, though still developing, can theoretically charge devices from 10 or 15 feet away.

Assuming Gruber's sources aren't holding back, HomePod won't wirelessly charge your iPhone. This option will give the iPhone 8 a mirror-like finish.

As soon as we get some more details about the new iPhone 8 and also the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, including some pictures of these new handsets, we will let you guys know. And one of those, Geskin said, will have a "mirror-like" finish.

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