Donald Trump 'replaced by daughter Ivanka at G20 world leaders meeting'

President Donald Trump joked Saturday during the Women's Entrepreneurship Finance event at the G20 Summit that Ivanka might find success easier to come by if she weren't his daughter

Ivanka Trump Sat In for Her Father at the G-20 Leaders' Table

But she followed that up with a pciture showing Ivanka sat at the table with the world's most powerful leaders and wrote:"And replaces Pres Trump at the #G20 table as he leaves for bilateral meetings".

According to Agence France-Presse, a White House official has confirmed that Ivanka Trump "briefly joined the main table when the president had to step out".

The picture of Ivanka at the table with world leaders comes as President Trump made the comment that his daughter's life would be much easier if he weren't her father.

Trump and her father also participated in a World Bank session on women's entrepreneurship.

Bloomberg reported that Ivanka sat between President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Donald Trump had his daughter Ivanka fill in for him during a G20 meeting on Saturday when he left to hold private meetings with other world leaders.

There have been claims of family biased over the course of, controversial US President, Donald Trump's time in office after he gave a number of top jobs to his cronise.

DO YOU THINK Ivanka Trump belonged at the leaders' table? 'Might be the only bad thing she has going, if you want to know the truth'.

Brian Klass, an Oxford scholar who once served as deputy campaign manager for a Democratic governor of Minnesota, tweeted that she was representing the an 'unelected, unqualified daughter-in-chief'.

".it seems to me it's [G20's] great value for Trump is in multiple high level bi-laterals, not group action." he tweeted.

Ivanka Trump has had her work cut out for her at the G20 Summit, and has even been photographed filling in for her father at important meetings.

In a rare, self-deprecating moment, the president said during remarks in Hamburg that he's been proud of his eldest daughter from "day one".

At a meeting in 2007, he reportedly bought a dog into the room despite it being publicly known she had a long-standing fear of the animals.

Ivanka Trump is an unpaid presidential adviser and reportedly wields a lot of influence in the White House. But what kind of a role she would play in her father's White House remained a contentious point as the Trump campaign transitioned to Washington.

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