Instagram now lets you reply to Stories with photos and video

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Seems like Instagram has deployed a new tactic to keep its users hooked, no?

The feature brings about an interesting shift in the Snapchat vs Instagram dynamic, too. It's a feature that has always been offered by Snapchat, and brings Instagram even closer to duplicating the original disappearing stories app.

The feature is included in the latest update, and is simple and user-friendly. To do so, just tap the camera button in the lower left corner of your screen when watching a Story. This means that they can respond to a story by either sending a selfie or a Boomerang.

The new feature is aimed at increasing the conversations between users. These could be anything from face filters to stickers and the Rewind function.

What about replies to my stories?

Instagram really wants you to use its Snapchat clone. The responses will be sent directly to the inbox. These replies will include a sticker of the original story which is resizable just like a regular sticker.

"From selfies to Boomerangs, now you can be even more fun and playful when you respond to friends", Instagram wrote in a blog post. Users will be able to reply to Instagram Stories with this update in a couple of different ways. If there is no Update button to be seen, the most recent version is already on the device you're working with. The new feature is rolled out to both, Android and iOS users simultaneously. A lot of users began to complain of deleted accounts all of a sudden, creating a panic.

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