Women in the White House are paid less than their male coworkers

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Women working in the White House earn - on average - 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male colleagues, according to analysis conducted by CNN. Under Obama, women in the White House earned an average salary of $78,400 to men's $88,600, adding up to a 13% wage gap, or $0.87.

Around 47 percent of the 359 regular employees at the White House are women - and 53 per cent men.

There's one major reason for this, CNN reports: more women than men are working in lower-ranking positions. Press Secretary Sean Spicer, White House Counsel Donald McGahn and chief strategist Stephen Bannon are among the men in that list.

The highest-paid staffer appears to be senior policy adviser Mark House, who is making $187,100 a year, according to the 16-page document. Three of the eight employees in that category are women.

CNN notes the highest salary for permanent White House employees is $179,700.

Past reporting indicates the disparity is not new to the Trump White House - though it may be more pronounced.

As with many topics, the White House has given mixed messages on its dedication to ensuring equal pay between the sexes.

The gender pay difference nationally is 82 cents for women against every dollar for men and as of 2015, federal government jobs' pay gap was 11 percent, according to a CNN look at an Office of Personnel Management report.

President Trump's daughter Ivanka sees herself as an advocate for closing the gender pay gap, tweeting on April 4th that '#EqualPayDay is a reminder that women deserve equal pay for equal work.

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