Nintendo unveils SNES Classic Mini console

UK shops get SNES mini in stock

Peripheral maker Hyperkin is releasing a retro style SNES mouse

After all that, once Nintendo announced it was canceling the NES Classic despite selling more of them in six months than it had managed to ship of its unwanted Wii U, prices shot up on eBay. And those lucky enough to do so will get a broad collection of games, from the incredibly exciting debut of Star Fox 2 through to Super Mario, Zelda and Metroid classics.

Star Fox 2 was canned by Nintendo despite success from the first game because, at the time, the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn had recently launched and were bringing added graphical prowess to the 3D space.

For the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo said that it will produce "significantly more units" of the upcoming retro console compared to the NES Classic Edition. But with this weeks announcement of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, it looks as if Nintendo is doubling down on a past strategy - even if it's still finding its footing in new areas, particularly mobile.

So far, the only pre-order available for Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition is from Game UK, with a £79.99 price tag.

Kotaku also reached out to Cuthbert, asking for some insight. On the Mini SNES, players will be able to unlock it simply by completing the first level of "Star Fox".

If you played an NES Classic, think about how long you played any of those games. As the classic versions catch up to modern consoles, it will be harder for Nintendo to make a console with a built-in library of games with the small, palm-sized form factor that Nintendo has been making. Rounding out the rest of the games are "Contra III: Alien Wars", " EarthBound", "Final Fantasy III", "F-ZERO", "Mega Man X", "Secret of Mana", "Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting", "Super Castlevania IV", "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts", and "Super Punch Out".

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