Liberals ask for clarity on BC legislature rules, as defeat looms

Mayor Lori Ackerman

Mayor Lori Ackerman

It means the motion - "the Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne be amended by adding the following words: 'But Her Honour's present government does not have the confidence of this House.'" - is submitted to the clerk, and formally introduced Wednesday.

The campaign finance reforms could have been dealt with in a day with support of all MLAs, de Jong said.

He says the finance reform law is not a delay tactic because the Liberals still expect a confidence vote to occur Thursday that leads to the defeat of the government.

Last month's contentious election saw the Liberals win 43 seats, one seat short of a majority, but the combined seat totals of the NDP, with 41 seats, and the Greens, with three seats, gives them 44 seats in the 87-seat legislature.

"We have to remember that a person on social assistance - a single person on social assistance in British Columbia - gets double the annual income of a person in the Third World".

"The challenge with the NDP promises is that they're very vague", Redies told Peace Arch News.

Both party status for the Greens and a ban on corporate and union donations are elements of a power-sharing agreement signed by the opposition parties in May.

"This is a parliamentary democracy, and if at the end of the day there is to be a transition, if the two opposition parties, as they have and appear resolved to do, wish to govern and the lieutenant-governor agrees that it is in the best interest of the province, that's fine".

Green Leader Andrew Weaver appealed in a statement for the Liberals to provide a Speaker to a future NDP government.

Wilkinson was appointed justice minister and took the cabinet oath of office Monday along with Clark and 20 others, a full-scale cabinet to prepare for a throne speech expected on June 22. "People can't count on Christy Clark to fix the problems she created".

"The Premier has been clear that she wants to test the confidence of the House, and that should be the first priority when the House reconvenes".

The earliest confidence vote under legislature rules is now set for Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

But NDP Leader John Horgan said the letter represents a "final desperate attempt to throw British Columbians into another election".

"I think members deserve to know, not from me but from a more authoritative source, what the rules are", he said.

He said the Liberals were unable to offer these new spending commitments - including welfare rate increases and child-care subsidies - before the May election because they did not believe they were affordable then.

The two opposition parties have agreed to defeat the Liberals and attempt to form a minority NDP government. Christy Clark appears intent on not making this legislature work.

Coleman defended the Liberals' refusal to move up the confidence vote from Thursday, saying the legislature's rules are more important than ever in "a very odd period of time". "If we look at the government's action this is just a last ditch effort to hold on to power".

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