Former Calgary Zoo gorilla caught breakdancing... again

Zola the gorilla dances at the Dallas Zoo

Zola the gorilla dances at the Dallas Zoo

If you had a hard week, this joyful gorilla will remind you to enjoy each dancing step along the way.

This dancing gorilla channeling his inner "Maniac" in his kiddie pool at the Dallas Zoo is captivating the hearts of the internet. The zoo posted the video on YouTube on Tuesday and it has quickly racked up thousands of views.

The gorilla in question is Zola, a Bronx native who is well-known for his dance moves.

Wherever you are, whatever your plans are, please take to your weekend like Zola in a kiddy pool.

He lives in Dallas Zoo in America and his keepers chose to treat him to new toy, to help him enjoy life and keep active.

The zoo notes that "there's a lot more to this behavior than you may think" regarding Zola's playtime. "It was hysterical and we both had so much fun playing in water in the warmer months". There, 9-year-old Zola showed off his quick feet and lighthearted personality, while again, dancing only to tune in his head.

Staff assured that there was no music playing that triggered this random behavior, but they explained that this is just typical play behavior that gorillas do.

Some attractive person on the internet we are all deeply unworthy of made a decision to add in the music afterward, and. well.

This isn't Zola's first time going viral for his watery play routine. It has nearly 4 million views.

Sorry, Zola. We all have to play the game.

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