Trump celebrates Georgia special election win in douchiest way

High-profile endorsements for the candidates were also abundant: President Donald Trump voiced his support for Handel.

Ossoff's loss is the latest in a string of Democratic losses in all three other special congressional elections that have taken place this year. They said they were going to win.

Like Robinson, Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson believes Ossoff ran a good campaign, but in the end, he believes the district was just too conservative for a Democrat to win.

The Georgia race ends as the most expensive House campaign in US history, with a tab that may exceed $50 million.

The victories could boost Republicans' confidence as they struggle to advance health and tax legislation that has been bogged down by infighting and investigations into whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation in last year's presidential election.

While Handel defeated Ossoff by about 10,000 votes and almost 4 percentage points, Republican outside groups had to spend $18 million defending a district where the party's candidates won easily for decades.

In 2017, the first year of Donald Trump's presidency, there have been five congressional special elections, and as of last night, Republicans have now won four of them, including a key victory in a hard-fought race in Georgia.

Trump reveled in the GOP victory of Tuesday's election win by Republican Karen Handel during his speech at a rally in Iowa on Wednesday.

For a little over an hour, the President worked to convince the crowd of supporters - some of whom donned "Make America Great Again" hats and held signs - that his administration is making "tremendous progress" back in Washington. Handel and Republican outside groups tied Ossoff to Pelosi in campaign events and television ads, casting him as a puppet for what they described as her liberal agenda and "San Francisco values".

"But these results fit a pattern that should still worry GOP incumbents everywhere, regardless of Trump's national approval rating and the outcome of the healthcare debate in Congress", he said.

That might become especially clear this week, as Republican senators unveil a health care plan that's likely to cut critical Obamacare benefits and coverage for millions of people in red states and districts.

But Republican voters supported their party even if they didn't support their president.

"They're still running against her and still winning races, and it's still a problem", Ryan said. Mulvaney beat his last Democratic opponent by 20 points, The Herald reported Tuesday.

"I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out".

According to a report in The Hill, Democratic leadership has come under intense criticism by the rank-and-file for Ossoff's loss to Handel.

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