President Donald Trump Nominates Jessica Rosenworcel as FCC Commissioner

Trump nominates a pro-net-neutrality advocate as FCC commish     
      Hang on what's going on here

Trump nominates a pro-net-neutrality advocate as FCC commish Hang on what's going on here

But Trump withdrew the nomination. Some speculated Wheeler would stay on through the end of his term to block Trump's ability to appoint a Republican majority at the agency.

ROSENWORCEL was one of the three Democrats on the panel in 2012-16, but when her term expired and her nomination was not acted upon by the Senate, her nomination was withdrawn and she exited the Commission.

Industry and congressional officials also expect Trump to nominate Brendan Carr, a Republican who is now general counsel at the FCC and an adviser to Pai, to an open seat. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was nominated in March to serve a second five-year term that would last until 2021, and awaits a vote. "Commissioner Rosenworcel is supremely qualified for another FCC term, having demonstrated her public service credentials and full command of telecommunications issues during her Commission tenure".

Pai would be forced to leave the commission if he is not reconfirmed by the end of the year. She was also part of a 3-2 Democratic majority that reclassified fixed and mobile ISPs as common carriers in order to enforce net neutrality rules and impose new online privacy restrictions (the latter of which were eliminated by Republicans after Trump's inauguration). The White House has not yet said whether Trump will nominate Clyburn for another term. Pai is reportedly considering Brendan Carr, now the acting FCC general counsel and a former staffer in Pai's office.

The Senate must confirm her to retake the position.

Pai welcomed Rosenworcel back to the FCC Wednesday.

The U.S. Senate will again consider Jessica Rosenworcel for the Federal Communications Commission after President Donald Trump nominated her late on Tuesday in a move that would return her to the regulatory agency.

"Jessica Rosenworcel has been a champion of connecting our classrooms and libraries and closing the homework gap for students who don't have broadband at home", said David L. Cohen, senior executive VP and chief diversity officer, for Comcast, in a statement. Most significantly, she took the cable industry's side in the effort to end the Great Cable Box Rip-Off by noting she had "concerns" over the proposed plan.

"Sen. [John] Thune is pleased to see Jessica Rosenworcel's nomination moving forward", said a spokesman for the Senate Commerce Committee.

"This appointment rights a wrong because she deserved confirmation past year and should have been sitting on the commission all along", said Andrew Jay Schwartzman, a Georgetown University law professor, according to the LA Times.

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