Police release video showing the arrest of Tiger Woods

The video shows both the moment officers approached the athlete's 2015 Mercedes-Benz as well as his sobriety test. The brake lights are on, and the right turn signal is blinking. Woods was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, but issued a statement almost 10 hours after he was released from jail on Monday that alcohol was not involved.

"It's your other shoe that's untied", the officer says as Woods unties the laces. "Do you remember me telling you that before?" The videos show the golf superstar unsteady, disoriented and struggling to comply with sobriety tests.

Woods replies that he is going to his house.

"I feel bad for Tiger", Jack Nicklaus said. But Woods instead puts his right shoe up on the vehicle and unties it as the officer is telling him it's the wrong shoe. He then tells Woods he can perform the test without shoes. The model, who has 8 million followers on Instagram, said she had no history with Woods, including phone calls or text messages. He originally said he was coming from "L.A." and on his way to "Orange County" before stating that he had no idea where he was. However, he said that the officer told him "not to sing the national anthem backwards". The personal stylist was reportedly shopping at Neiman Marcus in Dallas when she heard about Woods' arrest.

The golfer was unable to walk the solid white line on the side of the road, stepping off several times to catch his balance, and began staggering away when asked to stand with his feet together and his hands at his side.

When news of his arrest first surfaced, Woods said he made a mistake by misunderstanding the effects of the medications he was taking. He was in Los Angeles for the Genesis Open, run by his Tiger Woods Foundation, but he did not come to the course at Riviera because of his back.

Woods took two breathalyzer tests after his DUI arrest and scored a.000.

(NBC) - In a written statement, Tiger Woods says he wants the public to know that alcohol was "not" involved and that he did not realize the mix of medications had affected him so strongly.

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