Jeff Van Gundy Got Very Distracted By Rihanna At The NBA Finals

The first quarter of Thursday's Game 1 of the NBA Finals lived up to all the hype in the three-match between the Cavaliers and Warriors.

Van Gundy also thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers don't have a shot against the Warriors this time around. "Are you kidding me?" In fairness to Van Gundy, Rihanna might have legitimately obstructed his view given that she had a courtside seat. Because Rihanna had just walked into the game and right by him, so he chose to look at her instead. With Van Gundy and Jackson, two who are never afraid to let their strong opinions be heard, that will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation on the broadcast.

Not to break Van Gundy's heart, but Rihanna wasn't at Oracle Arena to see him, or, for that matter, the Warriors.

Forget about the action on the court during Thursday night's opening game of the NBA Finals, did you catch what Rihanna was up to? Well, there's always Game 2, when Rihanna might try again to distract Kevin Durant.

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