Basebrawl! Harper, Strickland punch away, Nats-Giants fight

Bryce Harper hits Hunter Strickland in the face after being hit with a pitch in the eighth inning of Monday's game. Hunter Strickland threw a premier heater at Bryce Harper's hip, and Harper subsequently charged the mound.

Baker may not have been a member of the Nationals franchise during the 2014 National League Division Series, when Harper twice homered off Strickland and yelled at him after the second blast, but he understood the genesis of the melee that suddenly erupted at AT&T Park on Sunday.

Both players appeared to land punches as the benches cleared, resulting in a cluster of action in front of the pitcher's mound.

"It's no secret as far as the mistakes I made", Strickland later said, via the Contra Costa Times.

Harper actually said he respected Strickland a bit more because he did not headhunt.

"There's not a man alive that's going to put up with you staring at him, if he's got any guts, and I know Bryce has a lot of guts", Knight said.

With two games to go in this series, it'll be interesting to see if and when the Nationals respond to Strickland's beanball.

"You see Mike Morse, is about as big as they come, and he was getting knocked around like a pinball".

Memorial Day boutThe Nationals and Giants were wearing Memorial Day caps and jerseys, so one person set Monday's fight to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.".

With his own manager saying the pitch looked bad, it is hard to agree with Strickland's explanation for the pitch. It's smart, but I think something else was at play here today.

Pitching for the Giants was reliever Hunter Strickland, who has been owned by Bryce Harper in their previous encounters.

No one got in Harper's way as he rushed the mound.

Harper and Strickland were both ejected.

After the brawl began to simmer down, Strickland's teammates attempted to hold him back and get him to the dugout. "You can't hesitate. You either go to first base or you go after him". "Harper gets hit and you look at a guy who's given up some home runs, and he'll tell you that he was trying to come in". Neither guy really got a good shot on the other. "So I'd rather miss in than over the plate". I know he took (Strickland) deep in the playoffs a couple of times and he probably took exception to that. With the club struggling already this season, this could mean that Strickland finds himself wearing a different uniform if the Giants decide to go with a younger group and start selling off pieces in hopes of replenishing their farm system. "When these people you look up to are fighting on the field".

Moore pitched brilliantly for most of the game, but allowed a solo home run and an RBI double. Nats starter Tanner Roark picked up the win with six hits and six strikeouts over seven scoreless innings.

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