North Korea Says It Has Detained A Fourth US Citizen

Moon Jae In- AP

Moon Jae In- AP

North Korea said on Sunday it has detained another USA citizen on suspicion of "hostile acts" against the state, which would make him the fourth American to be held by the isolated country amid heightened diplomatic tensions with Washington.

The wife of an American citizen detained in North Korea for suspected "hostile acts" against Pyongyang, has pleaded for his release, the media reported.

The country's military will begin "a series of more powerful anti-terrorism striking actions and mercilessly destroy the terrorists", said an English-language statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Kim Hak-song, who was taken into custody Saturday (May 6), taught at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.

Two weeks ago the North arrested Tony Kim, a U.S. citizen and accounting professor who was lecturing at PUST, accusing him of trying to "overturn" the regime.

Both men are professors at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, one of the few schools to employ foreign professors in North Korea.

North Korea affirmed the detaining of Tony Kim on Wednesday who was taken from the airport as he was trying to leave North Korea.

The latest detention of a USA citizen by North Korea, which raises the number of Americans in their custody to four, is "concerning", a White House spokesman said, amid heightened tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs.

The other two Americans already held in North Korea are Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old student, and Kim Dong Chul, a 62-year-old Korean-American missionary.

The exchange came as United States President Donald Trump was pressing China to increase the enforcement of sanctions against its neighbour to contain its nuclear and long-range missile programmes.

A group of North Korean officials is meeting with former USA officials in Oslo for a round of informal talks known as Track 1.5. "I think that's what the administration is trying to do is to change their calculus so that the Chinese see that if they don't deal with the North Koreans, we will", she said. "Your choice is do the tough things with the North Koreans or we will have to do something, '" Rice said. The new arrest is expected to further fuel tensions between the two countries, which have been engaged in a heated standoff over Pyongyang's testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear deterrents.

According to a May 2 CNN article, no active US president has met with the leader of North Korea, and the possibility is alarming. He was accused of stealing a propaganda poster, and North Korean officials released a video that purported to show him taking it.

The right agenda, he continued, was "not simply stopping where they are for a few more months or a few more years and then resuming things".

He was living in China near the border with North Korea and working in a special economic zone in the largely isolated country as president of a trade and hospitality company.

In terms of detentions, North Korea is second only to Iran, where five Americans are now missing or detained.

"Because no American president is going to let a reckless slightly unhinged North Korean leader get a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States".

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