US Senators relocate to White House over N/korea

US Senators relocate to White House over N/korea

US Senators relocate to White House over N/korea

These parallel military escalations are likely to be a topic of discussion at Wednesday's meeting at the White House, an unusual venue to gather the entire Senate and some of Trump's most senior officials.

The senators will be briefed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis, National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Such a briefing for the full Senate is extremely unusual, especially in the White House, which means this must be a very important meeting, which is once again adding fuel to the idea that the United States is going to do something big, potentially a military attack.

Yet the location at the White House perplexed lawmakers who have grown accustomed to such briefings taking place in a secure location on Capitol Hill, where there is more room to handle such a large group. He stayed on message - he was in front of the cameras to apologize, he came across as very honest, and he showed, and possibly learned, that is it OK in Washington to admit you are human and are flawed. Both countries expressed disapproval for North Korea's nuclear program.

It comes as North Korea just captured a third American on Saturday - 58-year-old professor Tony Kim.

"We want the to make sure we have the votes and are headed in the right direction", he said.

In a phone conversation with Trump on Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for all sides to exercise restraint.

Mr Trump has also told United Nations Security Council ambassadors, meeting at the White House, that the UN must be ready to impose new sanctions on North Korea.

Asked about the threshold for military action amid concerns dictator Kim Jong Un was on the verge of testing a nuclear weapon, Haley said the USA wasn't looking for a fight "unless he gives us a reason to do something".

Japan's envoy on North Korea, Kenji Kanasugi, said after talks with his US and South Korean counterparts that they all agreed China should take a concrete role to resolve the crisis and it could use an oil embargo as a tool to press the North.

North Korea denounced the USA actions.

Trump has said that Xi is applying pressure on North Korea to not engage in further provocations.

China is North Korea's only ally and main trading partner - and the USA has been urging Beijing to help put pressure on Pyongyang. In 2016 China imported coal worth some $1.19 billion from the North.

It is speculated by analysts in Washington and Beijing that China is threatening to cut crude oil supplies to its impoverished neighbor should it conduct another nuclear test.

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