GOP member of House Intelligence Committee claims 'unmasked' reports were detailed

ABC News — Unmasking is the word of the week inside Washington D.C

ABC News — Unmasking is the word of the week inside Washington D.C

President Trump says that President Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice may have committed a crime by unmasking names of Trump associates in USA intelligence reports collected by intelligence agencies.

Trump made the accusation in an interview with The New York Times and would not say if he reviewed new intelligence to support his claim.

President Trump says he believes Obama national security adviser Susan Rice may have committed a crime.

However, the unmasking went beyond former national security adviser Mike Flynn and Russian Federation, and the content of the detailed reports suggests anything but routine. The Journal's claim that "Ms. Rice would have had no obvious need to unmask Trump campaign officials other than political curiosity" certainly takes some logical liberties, given we don't even know the subject of the reports.

Rice has come under fire this week amid reports that she was responsible for the unmasking of the identities of Trump associates.

The House probe has been riven by discord, with the top Democrat seeking the recusal of the Republican chairman, Devin Nunes of California, after Nunes said he had met with a secret source at the White House to review classified material that he said indicated that communications of Trump associates were captured in "incidental" surveillance of foreigners.

Rice denied that she had leaked details about Flynn's call, saying, "I leaked nothing to nobody".

The dispute revolves around so-called "incidental collection"- when USA intelligence agencies inadvertently pick up the names or conversations of US persons on wiretaps or other communications intercepts.

"I think it's a massive, massive story ... That is absolutely false". "Yes, I think." The president did not specify what law he thinks Rice may have broken. Following Nixon's resignation, the intelligence community was reformed via the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, with the hopes of imposing accountability measures for federal officials that spy on political opponents.

In January, the Justice Department and intelligence officials agreed on new rules giving more USA agencies access to raw information picked up overseas by the National Security Agency.

If the information involving Americans has no intelligence value, it is supposed to be destroyed. "The president of the United States and people in the White House do not have the ability to order such collection".

Rice is the latest target for Trump and his embattled defenders. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. It's the policy. When anyone's name appears unless there's an intelligence value to it, the name has to be blacked out and masked.

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