A slice for the stranded: Delta buys pizza for passengers

Delta canceled almost 3,000 flights this week for weather related issues.

By the time a late flight is canceled and a frustrated passenger realizes that the airline can not provide accommodation because the cancellation was due to weather, hotel room capacity in major hub cities will disappear very quickly as other passengers rush to book from their smart phones before even leaving the gate. On Saturday, the airline canceled 275 more flights.

On Twitter, Delta is telling people who are expected to fly, to check their flight's status before going to the airport.

Delta's operation continues to recover as airline teams work around the clock to return flights to normal following the disruption from severe storms in the Southeastern U.S. and East Coast this week. The airline also offered to waive change fees for those who rebooked their plans. Please check with your airlines directly on flight times.

The Atlanta-based company said it also provided games, coloring books and other items to "keep younger travelers entertained while they waited for storms to clear". Delta went the extra mile previous year by giving out doughnuts, pizza and drinks to passengers when over 2,000 flights were cancelled due to a power outage.

Chen said he and his family had had enough, opting to drive 16 hours from NY after their Delta flight to Atlanta was first delayed then cancelled.

Passengers are being told their flights could be delayed for days. After racing to the airport to catch her new flight, that one was canceled, too. "And they can't get through on the phones to find out, or even tell someone where they are".

"I was flying through Atlanta with a... to Birmingham and they sent my bag to Birmingham and not me so I've been here since Wednesday", said Schmitz.

Pleased with customer service from an industry overall known these days for cattle-call like indignities with few frills, passengers shared pics of crew handing out slices to folks stuck in planes on the tarmac for hours.

And despite all that maneuvering, they still missed the 80th birthday of Wayne's mother.

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