Facebook Is Testing Dislike Button in Messenger

Reactions for Messenger, which is nearly identical to Reactions for the News Feed (it's just gained a thumbs-down emoji), is now being tested by a small number of Facebook users, and it'll only make its way to the rest if it's deemed to be useful.

The new button instead will be added to the Facebook Messenger app, which has around 1 billion users. The feature also includes a reaction counter, which would list the number of reactions on any given line.

As reported by TechCrunch, the Reactions tab is available for every message shared on personal chats and group chats as well. Not to mention, many users have been asking for this feature for years. Things are changing with Facebook now testing a new reactions feature for Messenger. Currently, the social networking company is testing this new feature with a small group of people and allowing users to share reactions that best represents how they feel in response a particular message.

Facebook has been dodging this button since long to avoid the negativity on the newsfeed.

Facebook users took to Twitter over the weekend to reveal the recent appearance of the reactions option in their Messenger apps.

"We're always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging", a representative for Facebook told TechCrunch on Sunday. Press and hold the smiley face, and you'll get a series of Facebook reactions, including a thumbs down Dislike reaction.

The feature is being tested in the Facebook Messenger app on all platforms including iOS and Android.

Facebook confirmed it is testing the feature to TechCrunch. People have been using the Like reaction to imply positivity, so it's only to be expected that a Dislike reaction would say the opposite. You can choose from among the reactions that you normally see on Facebook posts: thumbs up for like, heart for love, LOL, wow, sad, and angry emojis. Moreover, the company is even thinking about keeping the new reactions if the users like them. That's when the world's largest social network added the haha, wow, sad, love and angry reactions.

Often, the introduction of a dislike button on Facebook has been speculated.

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