Nerve-shredding avalanche video shows snowboarder cheat death

WATCH Inflatable backpack saves snowboarder during avalanche

Nerve-shredding avalanche video shows snowboarder cheat death

Australian man, Tom Oye, was snowboarding in a more remote part of Whistler on Wednesday when a slab avalanche starts directly in front of him.

The screen on Oye's helmet camera suddenly fills with white as he descends through the avalanche.

In a horror clip posted to Facebook, snowboarder Tom Oye is seen enjoying the stunning views across Whistler ski resort in Vancouver, Canada.

CBC also said that Oye received the pack as a birthday gift in December, and in another Facebook video, he showed off how the device inflates. After the snow has stopped moving, there's another whine as the bag deflates. The sun vanishes as white takes over the screen, but Oye quickly bobs above the snow.

"Some of the results we were seeing from our tests were quite scary, it was very reactive", he said.

In the video below you can hear the backpack inflating as it keeps him above the snow.

"Oh s**t", Mr Oye says as he realises the trouble he's in.

"Having seen him come off motorbikes and that sort of thing, you know, you're a bit prepared I guess", she said.

At one stage it appears Mr Oye was submerged under snow as he slide, dodging pine trees and rocks. "But it was a bit scary".

Other safety equipment that North Shore Rescue advise include a transceiver (a transmitter and receiver), probe, and shovel.

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